Eva Clayton Associates International is a multidisciplined consulting firm actively engaged in several governmental practice areas.  We have listed a sampling of our areas of practice and services.

Agribusiness…… While it is defined as businesses collectively associated with the production, processing, and distribution of agricultural products, at Eva Clayton Associates International we know it is the steam that drives the world economy. Our international and domestic expertise provides us with keen insights and a broad understanding of the operational challenges and complexities posed by the socio-economic climate. We help you meet these challenges by forging relationships through mutual understanding and seasoned advocacy, resulting in a sum gain for the client.

Alliance Building;   ECAI is experienced in bringing together parties of diverse backgrounds, different political parties, businesses, civil societies and of different cultures to work on a common goal. ECAI has been actively engaged in multinational alliance building and will call on the skill sets derived from these experiences to advance your cause.    

Appropriations….. As the lifeblood of many organizations we recognize the importance of the appropriations process. More importantly, we understand the appropriations process and its minutia of detail. We can successfully navigate the halls of power to address those legislative objectives bearing on your funding issues.  

Business Development…..Getting the ear of the government can often mean the difference between a good idea and a successful business. At Eva Clayton Associates International we help identify the essential governmental agencies impacting your business development and chart a plan of action for your business.  We get your message heard through effective advocacy that embraces the concept of partnership for mutual benefit.

Diversity Opportunity…… At ECAI we know that America is stronger because of its diversity of race, culture, gender, size and geography. We will work to strengthen your company through effective recruitment of diversely talented individuals who share your commitment to excellence.

Education…..The process of imparting and acquiring knowledge is undergoing dynamic change. While the internet age has redefined the manner in which we dispense education, those old roadblocks and some new ones still remain as barriers to the proverbial “school house doors”.   We address these barriers for you through our understanding of the federal educational bureaucracy, with federal funding parity being a major component of this approach

Elder Care…..There are over 34 million Americans over the age of 65. That number will double by 2030. The implications of a graying America are profound. From long term nursing care to federal assistance programs, all will be affected by this growing demographic.  Strategic planning and effective governmental policy are needed now to address these challenges. At Eva Clayton Associates International we will help you implement your plan by working with the legislative and regulatory branches of our federal government to develop policies to address these challenges.

Governmental Relations/Congressional Lobbying….. ECAI is experienced at both the Congressional and the Administrative levels of government, having served at the highest stratums of responsibility. ECAI will work with clients to determine the best advocacy strategy for their agenda while incorporating appropriate Congressional and administrative assistance in this process.

Health Care…..In 2004 our total health care spending represented 16 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). By the year 2015 US health care spending is expected to reach $4 Trillion or 20% of GDP. Helping clients navigate a health care system riddled by inflation and burdened by administration requires highly skilled professionals with an intimate understanding of our health care system and its regulatory framework. At Eva Clayton Associates International our professionals will help you navigate the health care waters through our first hand understanding of the industry, the policy objectives and political dynamics.